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Is it odd ot be content with it?

14th. Dec, 2007 | 10:17 am
mood: contemplativecontemplative

So...Wednesday was the annual "Are you still alive? Ho'ws it going? " appointment wih the neuro-opthamologist. Well the eyes are as they were but the one thing that i have noticed, is how much longer ti takes them to get round to you. 90 minutes this time, i understand of course, it's hardly important these days, just touching base. You think to yourself, oh i'll just turn up late next year, though you can't do that cna you, for knowing your luck that'll be the one year out of the last five that all is on time. lol

Here's the deal, earlier this year, somebody with the same dodgy vision as me [Leber's Hereditary Optic Neuropathy] is the longwinded version, load of waffle as well. He jetted off to Cologne, Germany and spent £10,000 on an experimental treatment. They extracted stem cells from his hip and somehow inserted them into his optic nerve, or at least that is where they ended up. He claims to have noticeable improvement to his central vision. The institute in question reports a 75% success rate.

I told all this to my doctor, with a rather sceptical tone i admit. Family and friends were far more enthusiastic but i wasnt' swept along in kind. I mean the way i looked at it, Britain is a world leader in stem cell resarch, my doctor a leader in hsi field also, if this was  goer, they would have heard something and acted right? 

Dr Plant  [My doc] was not at all convinced. As it turned out, he was obliviousto the case, i was surprised at that i havee to say. Granted LHON is rare, one in a hundred thousand, or one in half a million or something, however word travels so i assumed.

My family were rather disappointed at , quite so actually. Despite it having been a reality now for more than six years. I took it in better spirits, is that defeatest? Is acceptance of the situation, that'd could be a real long term thing, is that wrong? Bad? How does it reflect on a person? I suppose i should ask my sister eh, seeing as she is the one at university studyign psychology. lol

That all done, it was off to the West End for some Christmas shopping [God i am terribly behind HELP! :)], dinner, and home to watch the football. 

We missed the first half of  the latter. ;) Much blaming of me on the train on the way home.

The hospital has one perk, it's location is in Westminster on the banks of the Thames, pretty to look at at night. And when there is a crisp chill in the air, not bad walking.

Took some snaps.

Some of the decisions made in the Houses of Parliament this week may not have been so, but when like that, it is quite something. Took that halfway across Westminster Bridge with a bagpiper busiking in the acbkground. Sham you can't hear him.

How about something blue?

Kind of looks like a super gate don't you think? lol Segwaying nicely, be just fine for our J/T too me thinks. :)

Anway, if you're still reading and haven't got bored, thanks, and have a wonderful day.

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I apologise...

9th. Dec, 2007 | 10:31 pm
mood: cheerfulcheerful

 to all self respecting traditional Christmas decorations. :)

This tim last year, or thereabouts, i went to Paris, and one of the most memorable things we brought back, was no not a model Eiffel Tower, nor a case of Beaujolais NV, no it was a...parachuting Santa i tell you. lol

It's kinda cool early on, but can get a tad annoying once it has been up a week or two. Some have desires on shooting the poor thing. ;)

Try it out for yourself.

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Not what i expected.

4th. Dec, 2007 | 06:55 pm
mood: hopefulhopeful

On Sunday there was a big birthday lunch in central London.

Waaay up there somewhere.

And there was some pretty decent views of the city. The arch you can see, just off centre, is Wembley Stadium, what i once called the Colosseum of its age. Bloody expensive when you go there mind. lol

Well from one good view, to one bad one. Now i didnt' see any harm in a dish with "Slow cooked duck egg" in it. Well that part was fine enough, it was the Watercress veloute and Parmesan that turned out to be a bit...iffy. I think i'd rather had eaten the most outrageious thing from my Ancient Roman cookbook.

Things really went south, on the first and last time i gave the watercress veloute a whirl good and proper, though not so much o the good. And what can you do, you're in a flash restaurant at the top of the London Hilton, but dearly wanting to spit out your food? You make the best of it, try on some tactis from your old school dinner days, and put your knife and fork together, that is what you do. LOL

Got much better after that though. Still, i sometimes fidnit difficult to relax in such situation, is that just me?

Anyway, let's end on something nice to look at [no not my ugly mug, you're escaping that torture], and it acts as a little message from me too.

Some of the better of London's Christmas lights.

Talk to you all later. :)

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A B'day, a BBQ, and perhaps Summer is finally here.

7th. Aug, 2007 | 12:50 am
mood: contentcontent

Yes, good food, good weather, good company, well....most of the time. LOL

If you ever find yourself in the part of London's leafy suburbia that goes by the name of Enfield, i can recommend the Regatta restaurant. It's part of a small parade bordering a village green. No longer an isolated village of course, but enough of the character remains, right down to the water trough. The restaurant is Itlaian, not cheap mind you but er, just perfect for an occasion. ;)

This time the occasion being a Birthday bash.

It's family run, and masks from brought over from their native Venice decorate the walls. And for food and drink was jsut as good as we remembered ti to be. It was a great night.

There were signs that Summer hadn't completely abandoned us here in Britian, at least the South at any rate. AAnd what better way to prove it that a BBQ eh?

Hungry?? :)

It has been too long since you could comfortably sit outside and your worry be whether you're going to get bitten by mosquitos or midges, and not the fact that the weather wasn't obliging. A garden, a good book, maybe a drink, and some dry weather, ahh lovely. One way to relax.

If keen on not relaxing, you can fret over the possibility that the local wildlife might find your new project a snack they simply cannot pass up.

The grapes look far bigger in the above picture than they actually are, in reality they're about the size of *tries ot think of apt comparison* Coco Pops at the minute. :)

A pleasant day to you.

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It is good to be home.

1st. Aug, 2007 | 10:14 am
location: Sunny old London.
mood: pensivepensive

Not that i didn't mind the sun, or the sea or the relaxed living, the trips, eating out and such, but it is indeed good to be home.

Nice to visit but unlike some, i'm not looking to move out there some time in the future.

Hold on, i haven't said where i went, this whole LJ stuff is new to me you understand, this being me first entry and all. Spain it was for a reasonable chunk of July, the Costa Del Sol more specifically, about 10-15 mins drive from Estepona for those that know the area.

Anyway, as i said we went on the odd trip and i thouught i'd post some pics, if you're not one for the dolphins you might want to scroll on down a bit and miss out Flipper.

These first ones are from a Marine Park called SELWO. 

I, we didn't end up getting wet, which turned out to be rather disappointing actually, you certainly knew you were were 20 some miles from the North African coast that day. Hot!

Speaking of which, anyone thirsty? ;)

"What do you think you're looking at? *Holds up hooves in surrender* Alright! Alright! We know it's piss poor camouflage but what do you from us, to trot into the nearest DIY store?

Besides, it beats having spots"

The Mezquita in Cordoba

Mezquita is Spanish for mosque and that was its original purpose under the Moors, though it later became a Roman Catholic cathedral. It is a vast cavernous place inside, huge columns, quite unique in my experience.

Oh and gold, too.

And last but ny no means leasrt from Corduba, the Roman Bridge, even more of a wonder some might say. 365 paces across or thereabouts [Not that i counted, you can't walk on it these days.].

If you are still there, it's bak to the animals. LOL

Welcome, to The Rock, or Gibraltar. :) And the Barbary Macaques.

I think these are really very sweet but that's JMO. 

There was a moment where the baby nearly fell of the edge, onto our side and not down the mountain luckily, but anyway it was soemthing to see, how thee surrounding Apes came rushing over to help save it, not all family either we didn't think. 

1 2 3, ahhhhh. :)

Fortunately for my dignity, there are no vids of me twisitng me ankle, otherwise you might've seen a Brit hopping about madly like some crazed kangeroo. 

Well....i can laugh at it now.

Have a fine day.

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